CORNERWELD V corner seam welding machines with vertical welding direction have been developed for welding of corners on large parts. The vertical welding position reduces the required machine height while at the same time enabling horizontal transport of the parts.


Large-sized brush support tables guarantee planar positioning of parts and, in combination with stops, ensure correct positioning of the corner for clamping and welding. Flexible brushes make handling of parts easier and make for ergonomic working conditions while at the same time preventing damage to the workpiece surface.

With the optionally available welding programme memory , various welding programmes (welding length, metal thickness, seam geometry) can be stored and then simply selected again later on when the parts are changed over. Interior clamping segments can be simply exchanged by means of a quick clamping system when changing parts or in case of wear.


Operator safety is guaranteed when vertical movement of the interior clamping tool is required by a protective surround housing in the clamping area with mink brush bars and an internal safety cover slide with end position monitoring.

Application area

  • Corner seam welding of bend lips on large parts
  • Drip plates, kitchen work surfaces, counters, doors, stainless steel facades, claddings ...
  • Part dimensions from 250 x 150 mm² to 1500 x 4000 mm² (L x B)
  • Vertical welding length depending on model up to 300 mm
  • Material:
    steel, rust-proof stainless steel, aluminium ...
  • Metal thickness: 0.5 – 1.5 mm
  • Welding methods: TIG or microplasma

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