High quality, productive longitudinal seam welding requires mature, superior technology. This is the only way we can protect and further our own position on the market in the face of increasingly fierce competition. Our ELENA® longitudinal seam welders (a.k.a. bench type seam welders) provide unbeatable technology for welding of longitudinal seams on metallic materials.

Our ELENA® product range comprises several basic types and a wide selection of special solutions for the most varied application cases.


Just ask us! We'll be happy to make some welding specimens for you (please state size and welding method) and then work out an ELENA® machine concept for your particular application case.

Longitudinal seam welders

ELENA 1100-II mit mitfahrenden Kaltdrahtvorschubgeraet und Rueckkuehler (HYFRA) zur Temperierung der Schweissschiene
Flexible basic machine
ELENA 600-IV zum Innen-Plasmaschweissen von Rechteckbehaeltern (kleinste Abmessung 250x310 mm ). Maximale Schweisslaenge 700 mm
Welding from inside
ELENA 1100-V mit Einzelspannsegmenten. Schweisstechnik WIG mit Kaltdraht (mitfahrend)
Individually actuated bench type seam welder
CAD-Dartstellung ELENA 2100-VII mit grossem Bauteil (Durchmesser ca. 6m)
For extra large parts

ELENA® longitudinal seam welders

  • Longitudinal seams on smooth plates, sheets, pipes, tapered pipes, tank sections, housings...
  • Perfect welding seams, with no start/end weld craters, uniform across the entire seam length, free of discolouration with stainless steel
  • Welding methods: MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma, plasma-keyhole, microplasma, laser
  • Riveting, offset seams, welding in both directions, parameter memory
  • Used for:
    steel, stainless steel, galvanized/aluminium-plated metal, aluminium, titanium, brass, copper, lead, titanium-zinc, platinum-rhodium...
  • Material thickness: 0.15 – 10 mm (depending on type)
  • Pipe diameter: 30 mm – more than 6 m (depending on type)
  • Siemens control with simple user guidance via touchscreen
  • Mature, reliable, complete
  • Versatile range of options and special solutions available
    • Cold wire, dual torch setup with TIG and MAG, oscillation, AVC, welding data recording...
    • Insertion aids
    • Various types of feet
    • Stepped mandrel for small pipe diameters
    • Height adjustment, height adapter
    • Cold wire, dual torch setup with TIG and MAG, oscillation, AVC, welding data recording...