Corner Seam Welding Machines Corner One 160/320

...revolutionizes corner welding.

  • Food technology and kitchen makers
  • Tank and Equipment manufacturing
  • Job Shop
  • HAVC industry
  • Construction of machines and housings
  • Electric cabinet & boxes producers

Corner One 160/320

Now, there is a machine type which replaces manual corner seam welding.

The CORNER ONE is part of our corner seam welding machines made in Germany,
Welding of simple and rear lipped corner seam profiles on various parts is conducted impressively fast and more precise than ever -without reworking!

This helps improving the quality of your products as weil, particularly if you are interested in a professional design.

The increased quality level of your products strengthens your image, justifies higher prices and thus improves your chances on the market.




Technical Data




Welding length up to

160 mm

320 mm

Mandrel height

1100 mm


Stainless steel, Mild Steel
(Aluminium with optional AC/DC welding power source, price premium)

Sheet thickness

0,5 mm - 2,0 mm

Power required

400/230 Volt / 3 / N / PE; 50/60 Hz; TN-grid

Air supply required

6 bar, dry, filtered

Ambient temperature

+ 10°C bis + 35°C


White, RAL 9016


Schnelldorfer ONE Series: Corner One 320


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