Corner Seam Welding Machines CORNERWELD NimbleSafe

Latest generation Cornerweld Nimblesafe 100-42 is safe, fast and versatile for welding corner seams up to 100 mm length.

  • Open aspect design
  • Pneumatic safety clamping system
  • Low cycle time
  • Perfect discoloration free corners
  • No need for post weld grinding and polishing


CORNERWELD NimbleSafe 100-42 is equipped with a ground breaking pneumatic safety linear clamping system which safe guards your employees from severe crushing injury.

Fast workpiece clamping can be achieved for parts with inward and outward return flanges. The machine is designed for welding short corners, typically found in catering kitchens, control cabinets, sanitary and laboratory furniture.

The welding length is 100 mm. Inward flanges up to 42 mm can be accommodated. Optionally outward flanges / upstands, up to a maximum of 55 mm, can also be accommodated.


Technical Data


100 - 42

Welding length up to

100 mm

Component dimensions min.

more information in our data-sheet

Component dimensions max.

more information in our data-sheet

Clamping height above ground

app. 1220 mm

Material Type

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium

Material Thickness

0,5 mm – 2,5 mm

Inward return flange max.

42 mm

Outward return flange max.

55 mm (Optional)

Internal clamping tool

Hard Wearing Coppper (CuCrZr)

Clamping finger

Hard Wearing Copper (CuCrZr)

Welding process



Torch Gas, Backing Gas, Trailing Gas

Cooling Circuit

Mandrel (Internal clamping tool), Torch


Siemens S7-ET 200

Operator Panel

Siemens Multipanel 7“


Siemens Simodrive Posmo

Welding Interface



CE-Mark or UL-Standard (Option)

Electric Supply

400/230 Volt / 3 / N / PE; 50/60 Hz; TN-grid

Air Supply

6 bar, dry, filtered

Ambient Temperature

+ 10°C to + 35°C


RAL 4006 / 7015 or to customer requirements

Dimensions (W x L x H)

800 mm x 1400 mm x 1800 mm


660 kg


Safe operation

of a CORNERWELD NimbleSafe Corner seam welder

Stainless Steel corners TIG welding

with a CORNERWELD NimbleSafe corner seam welding machine

CORNERWELD NimbleSafe – High performance corner seam


We welcome you to visit our test centre to witness the continuous improvement of our welding machines. After purchase our competent and highly trained service personnel will be pleased to support you.

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